Uimastadion poster A3, blue
Uimastadion poster A3, blue

Uimastadion Poster A3

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Uimastadion rakennettiin Helsinkiin vuoden 1940 olympialaisia varten. Kisoja jouduttiin siirtämään sodan vuoksi, mutta uimastadionin valmiille altaille löytyi käyttöä sodassa: ne toimivat silli- ja juuresvarastoina.

The Swimming Stadium was built for the 1940 olympics. The Games had to be postponed because of World War II, but during the war the swimming pools were used for herring and root vegetable storage spaces.

This poster is part of our Helsinki collection. The A3 sized posters are printed in Finland on environmentally friendly paper.

On each poster a text reveals an interesting, even surprising fact about the place. Texts are both in English and Finnish.