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Punavuori Poster A4

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Punavuoressa sijaitseva Mikael Agricolan kirkko on Lars Sonckin suunnittelema. Kirkon tornin 30-metrinen piikki laskettiin talvi- ja jatkosodan aikana tornin sisään, jotta kirkko ei olisi toiminut maamerkkinä vihollispommittajille.

Mikael Agricola church located in Punavuori was designed by Lars Sonck. The 30-meter spike of the tower was retracted inside the tower structure during the Winter and Continuation War so that the church wouldn’t be used as a landmark by enemy bombers.

This poster is part of our Helsinki collection. The A4 sized posters are printed in Finland on environmentally friendly paper.

On each poster a text reveals an interesting, even surprising fact about the place. Texts are both in English and Finnish.

Please note that the poster comes without frame.