Pasila poster A4, green
Pasila poster A4, black

Pasila Poster A4

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1970-luvulla kaupunkisuunnittelussa uskottiin yksityis-autoilun rajattomaan kasvuun. Siksi Itä-Pasilassa jalankulkuväylät on erotettu omalle betonikannelleen katuverkon yläpuolelle.

Urban planners of the 1970’s didn’t want to limit the growth of private motoring. Therefore in Eastern Pasila pedestrian walkways have been separated on elevated concrete platforms above road networks.

This poster is part of our Helsinki collection. The A4 sized posters are printed in Finland on environmentally friendly paper.

On each poster a text reveals an interesting, even surprising fact about the place. Texts are both in English and Finnish.

Please note that the poster comes without frame.