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Katajanokka T-Shirt

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In 1913 an Orthodox chapel was built on the site of the Uspenski Cathedral in Katajanokka to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Hamina. Yet the chapel was viewed as a symbolof Russia’s oppressive politics, which led to a group of patriotic students to smudge it with tar after Finland became independent. After unsuccessful attempts to remove the tar, the building was demolished in 1920.

This Katajanokka t-shirt is part of the Kuviokioski Helsinki collection.
Hand printed in Helsinki.

Color: Melange grey

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Material: 70% Recycled Cotton / 30% Recycled Polyester

Fit: Regular

Care: Machine wash inside out at 40° C on normal cycle. Maximum spin cycle is allowed.

Responsibly made in India (Pure Waste Textiles)