Hietsu bag, turquoise print
Hietsu bag, black print
Kuviokioski turquoise Hietsu bag

Hietsu Bag

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In the late 1910s Hietaranta had been planned to be transformed into a harbor. The plans were however canceled after the representatives of the city monetary bureau visited the place and were attracted by the sandy site. The spot had previously been used for storing sand, and over time huge piles had spread to form a solid, sandy beach. Hietaniemi beach, commonly known as ‘Hietsu’, was established in 1929.

This Hietsu bag is part of the Helsinki collection.
Hand printed in Käpylä, Helsinki.
You can choose the print in either black or turquoise.

Material: 100% recycled cotton textile waste (by Pure Waste Textiles)

Size: 41 x 45 cm. Handles 62 cm.

Washing instructions: 40˚C inside out.